Scammer Down for the Count!

Big news from Tin Yat Lineage! For those of you familiar with Mak Jo Si and the Tin Yat Lineage, you are probably aware of our work in exposing scams used by fake Taoist Sects such as Luk Yam and Mao Shan. For those of you that do not know, we ( the Lineage as a whole) have been working towards exposing scams that have become prevalent in eastern nations such as Singapore and China. We have made public videos on YouTube, created and written many blogs in an attempt to offer people the truth about these Sects and illustrate the different scams they are using to make money.

Well, I just found out today that the master of Luk Yam Sect in Singapore, named Ricki Chua (蔡乙德) recently took down ALL his blade proof demo and rituals videos plus scam materials as a result of exposure from the local press and the massive amount of information Mak Jo Si has put on the world wide web exposing the very scams he was perpetuating. This is really good news! One step closer in taking down these scams and preventing the spread of ignorance and falsities!


Tin Yat – 1

Fake Sects – 0

Thanks For Reading!

Tin Gong

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Tin Yat Lineage Kung Fu

Hello everyone,

Allow me to start off by saying that the Kung Fu I have been learning from Mak Jo Si, one of the two founders of Tin Yat Lineage Taoism, is not your average show case Kung Fu. A lot of times when we hear “Kung Fu” or “Wushu” we think of flying kicks and low stances but that is not the case with Mak Jo Si.

The Kung Fu I have been learning from Mak Jo Si is not a martial art focused on pleasing the eyes but rather promoting sound health. About a month ago when I began to learn from Mak Jo Si, I was a physically fit guy but I did not consider a internal strength achieved through specific practices. This strength is most commonly know as Chi Kung.

After a month of following the lesson structure from Mak Jo Si, I can literally ‘Feel’ the energy, power, and stamina I have gained that I didn’t have before. I can run faster for longer distances, increased amounts of energy through out the days and actually sleep less!

The reason for all this being is that Mak Jo Si’s Kung Fu that I was learning was not focused on physical strength but was rather focused on cultivating the human meridian system and building an internal power opposed to big muscles. Some may be skeptical hearing all this but I honestly have no incentive in this case to lie nor give false testimony. The astounding benefits to my health within the first month have absolutely confirmed my faith in Mak Jo Si’s lessons. Especially since I have never felt this way from other Kung Fu lessons I have taken in the past.

I highly recommend that if you are searching for a genuine, honest learning experience in Kung Fu then contact Mak Jo Si at:

You can find more information about Tin Yat Lineage Taoism’s Kung Fu here:

Thanks for reading. Make it a great day!

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Tao Te Ching Reborn

Mak Jo Si, author of Tao Te Ching Reborn, has reinvigorated the long acclaimed ‘book of Tao’ with jolts of truth in his direct translation of Tao Te Ching. Historians, scholars, and Taoist practitioners alike would argue that Tao Te Ching is a book written in relation to Taoism. However, this is not the case.

If you read Tao Te Ching translations, you will often feel disoriented and confused as to what the focus of this book is. If you think of a shush-ka-bob, you have your meat and vegetables on a single stick in a relatively straight line. This is normally how a book is organized. Imagine the content being the meat and veggies and the focus of the book being the all-important stick to keep the material organized and concise. Putting this in the context of Tao Te Ching, many translations you will find are similar to a shush-ka-bob without its stick. The food is all over the place and has no organizational structure. In the context of these translations, the material is all over the place and is confusing to the reader as it follows no linear path. It is not because of your inability to understand the material but rather because the author has manipulated the original text to relate it more too completely separate topics, such as Taoism.

You may be asking what Tao Te Ching really is then, well it is quite simple. If directly translated from the classical text, it is apparent that its focus is virtue. Therefore Tao Te Ching is not a book of Tao as popular perception would have you think, but in reality is a book of virtue. Tao Te Ching is originally a book written for the general public in ancient China, and is thereby an easy read so long as you have an open mind to the classical Chinese metaphoric language. This is exactly what you will find in Mak Jo Si’s Tao Te Ching Reborn as you read the first chapter discussing the female reproduction system and limiting how much it is ‘used’, or in other words, limiting sexual activity. Now, if you could present me with credible evidence connecting this concept to Taoism, I genuinely commend you but I doubt you will. This book is not about Taoism but rather how to lead a virtuous and moral life. This book does not beat around the bush either. Tao Te Ching Reborn is very straight forward and simply requires the reader to ‘listen’ to the words and the principals described, and not attempt to actively disarm the text. Tao Te Ching Reborn even goes into principals of leadership and understanding how to apply morality and virtue to leading a nation or a classroom of students. I cannot define the magnitude of this book and its impact on the history of this book and myself. Therefore, if it is truth you value and falsehood you despise, I truly recommend in my most honest opinion that this book is worth any time spent reading it and can only serve to increase your understanding of virtue, candor, respect, and integrity.

About the Author:

I have had the personal honor of developing a friendship with Herman Mak, also known as Mak Jo Si founder of the Tin Yat Taoism Lineage and can see how he cultivates values described in his book. Time and time again he has shown me his willingness to help those who are willing to help themselves and has earned not only my respect but my genuine admiration. He has shown me the extent of his resilience in ensuring that the truth is not extinguished among the multitude of lies in our day and age. I cannot express in mere words the magnitude of thanks I have for this author in his passion for the truth and undying loyalty to those who would hear it.

Mak Jo Si offers his book online for free and can be read here:


Enjoy and if you like the book, feel free to express pros and cons and what you enjoyed about the book.

Thanks for your time!

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Video on SuperKumantong Attack/Scam

A quick video on SuperKumantong’s attack on Tin Yat lineage students. Also describing the real nature of Kuman Tong or Kumong Tong and babyghosts. This is the true nature and practice of Kuman Tong. SuperKumantong is a major marketer in this bloody business and claims to be a real Taoist. You do the math, tell me how that adds up.

Just a note to remember that we are NOT trying to say these piercings are a scam. Yes they are real but are in no way related to Taoism and are not affiliated with any magic or things along those lines. Neither in Kuman Tong/ Kumong Tong. SuperKumantong is just using the Tao name and reputation to gain attention for his Kuman Tong and other products. Do not fall for SuperKumantong’s crap marketing.

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SuperKumantong Attacks Tin Yat Lineage

Recently, a youtube with the account username SuperKumantong posted several comments on various videos from Tin Yat Lineage Taoists. These videos were about scams being used by Taoists cults to scam people into buying their fake things. SuperKumantong essentially stated that we are not real Taoist because we cannot disprove what “Real Taoist” do. He goes on to state that these practices are called “Tao Piercing” and are common at “Vegetarian Festivals”. Okay, so I decided to take a look at this so called “real Taoism” and here is what I found:

Okay… WOW. You call this real Taoism? Please tell me where and who you got that story from and allow me to slap him. You can take a look at wikipedia or any other history source and look up the history of Taoism. You will see none of these street performances ever being affiliated with Taoism of any form. Even fake cults know that much! Then this SuperKumantong proceeds to tell us that we are NOT real Taoism like unlike HIM. Ridiculous right?

So I decided to look at a couple of his blogs since he claimed to “real Taoism” selling his own Talismen or FU. They essentially are gigantic squares with a wrong Yin Yang symbol in the middle… (Links are on the main post below)

I mean this guy claims he is a “Real Taoist” when he does not even know how to properly draw a Yin Yang symbol. What the hell kind of marketing is that? Do not fall for his scams!

Additionally, his name mentions Kuman Tong, or babyghosts. This is a very evil and nasty practice which involves the cooking of fetuses in order to harvest the oil and cast “magic” on them to trap souls inside, leaving the mother to die. Now connect the dots, does this sound at all like real Taoism? I mean come on, common sense! Just google “Taoism History” and you will get nothing relevant to any of these things! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS GUYS SCAMS.

I have all links in the longer post below as well as more details into this guys sinister nature. Do your best to stay away from this guy and do not try to poke anything between your cheeks. You will hurt yourself!

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SuperKumanTong Attack Tin Yat Lineage and Claim to be “Real Taoism”

Okay, so a little background story. Only a few days ago, a Youtube account with the username “SuperKumangtong” commented on mine and multiple other Tin Yat Lineage student’s videos which were about Taoist scams. He didn’t seem to particularly enjoy our videos  and offered us a challenge. Here is what he said on our videos:

“You have shown the stuns performed by the fake taoist masters.

You may like to do a search on ‘ taoist piercing’ and ‘vegetarian festival’ and do what they do.”

The stun is , take a long knife or sword, poke through both of Your cheeks. Then let the wound heal on it’s own. You can prove to people, everybody can do that too.”

“You can try this and prove these are fake too: /watch?v=GYuvDngsrA­M

Or do a search ‘Taoist Piercing’ or ‘vegetalian festival’. <— (can’t spell vegetarian)

What You do is take a long knife or a long pole and sharp point at the end and poke through both of your cheeks.”

Here is the link to the comments themselves:

Okay, those of you unfamiliar with what this “Taoist piercing” is, he is referring to this:

Wow, okay, so first off, when the hell did this ever become a part of Taoism? Those who have even the most basic understanding of Taoism know that we intend to lead healthy, enjoyable lives, not poking holes in our bodies. This is not Taoism, so lets just clear that up. This is something that does not even fit into the “idea” of Taoism. These “Taoist Piercings” and “Vegetable Festivals” are likely the result of some street performer using the Taoist reputation to attract attention to what they are doing. Those of you doubtful, that is fine. You may freely read even the most crap of Taoist history books and you won’t find a hint of “Taoist Piercing”. However, I will save you the effort. Here is a link to history of Taoism as described by Wiki:

Even they have things wrong but where do you see any hint of poking holes of any kind in anyone’s body?

Here is the actual history of Taoism:

In both of these, you will not find any mention of “Taoist Piercings” or “Vegetable Festivals”. Even fake Taoist sects like Mao Shan and Luk Yam know that! Just know that this guy is wrongly connecting Taoism to street performances and practices that are not affiliated what so ever and never were.

Okay, lets talk about the man himself. Lets start with the username shall we? “SuperKumantong”, now the first thing I note is “Kumongtong”. That is an immediate Red Flag to me. Why? Kumongtong is the practice of “babyghosts”. Now, those of you who don’t know what this is, time for a wake up call.

“Babyghost” is a practice that involves the literal “cooking” or BBQ of a fetus in order to attain the oil that it produces. Now some of you may wonder what mother would allow that, well this is involuntary. The process in a couple sentences is cutting open the mother in order to obtain the growing fetus while allowing the mother to die of bleeding, pain, whatever it may be. Then, they will take that fetus and grill it to obtain the oil. Once they receive their oil, they take a nail or couple strands of hair from the dead mother and place the contents (oil included) into a jar or bottle. They will then begin to “chant” to use evil gods to capture souls into the jar and then “tame” them to do anybody’s bidding once they purchase it. Yes that’s right “purchase” it. Anyone who buys these enchanted jars are essentially buying baby oil and a dead woman’s bodily parts. Marketers of this crap will advertise that you will be able to use this babyghost to do whatever you want such as curse people etc. If you did not know this, well welcome to the real world of Kumongtong.

Now that we understand what his username stands for, we can take a look at his comments. He challenges us to poke holes in our cheeks and let it heal to see if we “non taoist” can prove this is not a scam. So one, he just said that “we” are not Taoist and two, told us that these street performers heal on their own.

Lets start with number two. He claims that performers like those in the photo can pierce their skin and the wound will heal on its on. Well, this is very easy to understand. Those of you familiar with tongue piercings, lip piercings, etc. will know exactly what I am talking about. When you take out a piercing in your tongue or anything like that, will people notice it at first glance? Probably not. That is the same story we have here. This is just street performing extremist that have done this so much that those hole in their cheeks are healed over with the hole still present. Our cheeks are also very flexible. You may say “Well, if they are putting huge knives into their cheeks shouldn’t the hole be as big as well?” Our cheeks have a great ability to stretch and contract depending on the mass in our mouths. If you hold your breath and blow up your cheeks, they will expand. Once you release that pressure, your cheeks return to normal correct? Same story here, the hole is ever present in their cheeks but unnoticeable once they remove whatever object they may be sticking in there, giving the impression that they are magically “healing” when in reality, it is already healed, they are just stretching the holes already present. This is also what accounts for the lack of blood. Your ear stops bleeding after you wear an earring for a while right? Same story here. Main idea is that these guys are fake and are not using magic to heal but are stretching holes already on their cheeks to place objects through them.

Number one, this man essentially tells us that he is real, we are not, and since we are fake we cannot prove he isn’t. Well… not much need be said. If you believe a guy who cooks babies and markets their oil for personal benefit is a Taoist, you need to wake up! Here is a link to his “Taoist/Kumong Tong” blog.

When you take a look, note the babies at the top and the Bagwa FU behind them. He advertises Kumong Tong and uses a fake FU in the background, what the heck? Once again, Kumong Tong and Taoism have NOTHING in common so the fact he has a FU doesn’t make much sense at all, especially claiming to be a real Taoist.

Another note is the FU design. First off, the seoncd picture on his blog is a wrong Yin Yang symbol so lets hear his explanation on that. Secondly is his FU design. I don’t know if he was drunk and thought they would look cool but what kind of FU is a giant square with a backwards Yin Yang symbol in the middle? None in Taoism I will tell you that. Now take a look here.

WOW… I am SPEECHLESS. First and foremost, WHAT THE FREAK? Taoist are nothing if not moral and righteous. We don’t ever have FU to “self come” girls or attractive women, the hell. Real Taoism does not involve low crap like that and definitely does not have FU that are in any way shape or form, focused on manipulating others. I say that because these type of magic will use brainwashing magic to influence those women to “self come” to you. SICK!

Bottomline, this guy is not only a fake Taoist, but has no clue about Taoism history and has no clue about Taoism itself. He practices Kumong Tong, which is one of the most sick practices on Earth, and has backward FU on his FU. What a sick man. Do not fall for his street performer an tikes and please do not go around trying to stick things in your cheeks because it will hurt and it is not simple “magic” to heal it. You will hurt yourself.

Here are more blogs exposing this guy and his sinister nature:

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Tin Yat Taoism

Hello my name is Tin Gong, a student of Chi in Nature Taoism and this blog is about Tin Yat Lineage Taoism and why it is different from other sects that seek only to scam you with petty tricks. Here in Tin Yat Lineage, we have real Taoist practices and real proof for you to, here is the key word, Experience.

Many sects will simply show you that they are “blade proof” or “fire proof” or whatever other “proof” they can turn into a persuasive technique to buy people into their fake lineages. In Tin Yat Lineage, we don’t focus on fame or money, we don’t waste time and energy on buying people into the Lineage. We can give you the tools necessary to vastly improve your life as it has improved and changed mine. I will write my biography later on.

The key thing terms to note is we are not trying to buy you into the lineage. It is much like a book. We present the knowledge and opportunity to you but it is up to your own initiative to take advantage of it. I will tell you right now, there are many sects that seek only seek your money and could honestly care less about the quality of your life. Here in Tin Yat, we seek to help those that want to help themselves and present you with a positive path in which to live.

I am able to answer any questions that you should have and will leave this blog up to you guys and gals to develop.

Click here to visit the Chi in Nature official website:

Thanks for reading!

Tin Gong

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